A downloadable game for Windows

Keyboard & Mouse controls

WASD to Move

Mouse cursor to aim

Left Mouse Button to activate spray.

Press 'R' to restart.

Gamepad also supported:

Left stick to move

Right stick to aim

LT/LB/RT/RB to Spray

Water pressure gauge in the top left, house status in the top right.


The fire department's budget has been slashed, and it's just you. Thankfully, you just got a brand new completely fireproof suit and hose! You're impervious, so get in there and put out the fire before it overcomes the house. But be careful, the hose pressure is too much for just one guy and will send you flying! It'll damage the house and furniture when it's flailing, and it might throw you into the wall and get you stuck - just fire again and blast yourself free! And on the plus side, the flailing hose can also put out flames...

Oh, and by the way, the valve for the hose is broken - once it's on, it'll only turn off when the pressure empties. But then it'll need to recharge. Keep an eye on the gauge in the top left; I'm sure you can handle it. Try to keep the house intact while you save it!

Created with GameMaker Studio 2

Install instructions

ZIP file contains a stand alone EXE, just unzip and play!


BlazeAWay.zip 6 MB


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btw this was for the GMTK 2021 Gamejam "Joined Together". I did the submission process but I'm not 100% sure that worked.

For the record, we had an HTML5 build ready to go but after submitting it, we discovered the HTML5 build CRASHES inexplicably when spraying water. We're sorry about that.